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Rotary Barrel Pumps

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Products Brief
Most popularly used pump worldwide. The Chetak version of the Rotary Pumps is superior to any other with features such as Dual Directional Operation which allows the pump to both empty, as well as refill containers Pump body is study cast iron with precisely machined cast iron vanes for better draw & smoother delivery Pump seals are made from Hi Nitrile rubber fits 15 gallons (50 litres) to 55 gallons (205 liter) bung nut & steel discharge spout.

Wetted Components
Steel, Cast iron, NBR

Recommended Use
Disel, Kerosene Heating Oils, Motor Oils, Lubricating Oils (Upto SAE 90,) and other non-corrosive media.

Do Not Use
With water based media, Antifreeze, solvents, Acts and Gasoline etc.

Pump intel threading 3/4" designed for use with high viscosity media.

Useful Tips
When using with low viscosity media like Disels, kerosene etc., pump should be primed by adding 30 ml of media being pumped or any oil into the pump outlet.

Pump intel threaded 1" designed for volume discharge of low to medium viscosity media.

Model No. Size Description Suction Tube   STD PKG
MPI 200  3/4" STD. Rigid
MPI 201 1" STD. Rigid
MPI 202 1" STD. with flexible hose 1 mtr. Telescopic pipe 8
MPI 203 1" STD without flexible hose  Telescopic pipe  8
MPI 204 11/2" STD Rigid  2


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